Golf Fundraiser Registration

& Payment

Our goal is for you to wind up on Bob Malley’s spreadsheet with complete registration
and payments made as quickly as possible assuring assigned player slots.

The sooner you register the better as we are limited to 144 golfers.

 1  Select a Registration process:

Option 1: Register By Mail

Printed Registration Form
Download it and then print it.
Fill it out and mail it to the address on the form.

C/O Brockton Parking Authority
60 School Street
Brockton MA 02301

 Option 2: Register Online

In lieu of the paper form fill out the online form (just below this paragraph).
When you have entered all the fields necessary for your Registration click on the
Submit” Button below the form.  The form will be sent to Bob Malley.  
Watch your email for a verification from Bob Malley that your registration
has been received and recorded.  If you do not receive a verification
within several days contact Bob Malley at

2  Select a Payment Process:

No matter how you registered you have your choice of making
your payments offline or online.


Option 1: To pay offline… 

Use the registration form you downloaded, note the options and amounts
you want to pay for and send a check to the address on the form.
Please note which options you want your payment applied to and send check to:

C/O Brockton Parking Authority
60 School Street
Brockton MA 02301

Option 2: To Pay Online…

No matter how you registered you can still opt to pay online.  Click HERE  to go to the shopping cart
where selections and credit card payment can be made.
A receipt will be emailed to you and a copy to Bob Malley.  The receipt will be a detail of your purchase.

P.S.:  Click ADD To CART on each item you want and it will go directly into your cart.
Once in the cart you can easily change the quantity of each item;
for example: Change the number of players from 1 to 4 in the cart.
The totals will automatically and instantly  reflect the new amount.
If you are making a donation you can simply up the number in increments of $50 in the cart
You will be forwarded to the shop page after submitting this registration so you can purchase your items.

Annual Golf Fundraiser - Online Registration Form (* entries required)

Applicants Name: *
Business, Company, Organization Name:*
Street Address:*
Zip Code:*
Your Email:*

Select number of players - Donation $100 per player *
Two Players and Three Players welcome. Individuals can be placed on teams.

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One Player
Two Players
Three Players
Four Players

Players Data:

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